The story behind Dreaming up North

Welcome to my blog! I appreciate every single person that´s decided to spend their precious time to read this blog post! I do not take you or your time for granted!
It is the official launch day of my business, Dreaming up North. It’s a special day for me, filled with lots of emotions. I’ve worked towards this day for so long, and it´s been an exciting but bumpy road to get here.

I will dedicate this blog post to explain the background of this business, and what the meaning behind the name is. Even though I created Dreaming up North, it feels like it’s something bigger than myself, and it’s been one of my dearest friends over the past few years.


About Dreaming up North

Ilia, on one of our travels. I managed to leave almost all my photos at home (I´m on vacation), but there will be more photos in the upcoming blog posts!

The Story

I’ve been battling anxiety since I was a teenager. At the time, it was manageable, and I could live my life reasonably well. Around 2011, everything changed. I got severe anxiety and depression. It chained me to the bed for a long time. I’m a gal that loves life, but back then, my biggest wish was to die. It was so bad! It’s hard even to comprehend how sick I was back then.

The first years of getting back to loving life again were mainly about surviving and taking one day at a time. I went to therapy and learned to get more comfortable with my panic attacks. I also learned some skills to give me a healthier way of dealing with the bad stuff. It took lots of hard work to push forward and gain health back into my life.


The beginning

After getting better, but still somewhat chained to my home because of my health, I started to envision my future and began to work towards small goals to reach my dream; being a business owner and working with something creative. In this way, I could manage my life and health the way I needed to, but also do work that improved my health just by doing it. After my breakdown in 2011, it seemed like my body couldn’t handle stress that well anymore. That´s why it became crucial for me to create a workplace for myself if I would have any hope of getting back into work again.


Creation of Dreaming up North

I used the bad times when I was hiding in my room to work on my skills and study photography, videography, business, etc. The result of all those hours of work was the creation of, Dreaming up North. The name has grown on me since the day I decided to go with it. In the name lives so much of my story, how I lay in bed dreaming of a better tomorrow, how I worked towards my dream, step by step. This dream carried me through so much pain and grief.

I noticed that when I got to create, my health improved. That shows how powerful expression and art can be! After those realizations, I never looked back. I decided to combine this newfound passion of mine, with my love for nature. I started to shoot landscape, which led to me being outside much more. And what´s more soothing and calm than nature itself? Living in Helgeland helps as well because it´s hard to find scenery that can compete with what we have here.

With all these elements in place; photography and creative skills, the beautiful place that is Helgeland and lots of life lessons learned, Dreaming up North was born as a content creation business.


The bigger goal

Until this day, I still have to live my life consciously to keep my mental health manageable. I used to be ashamed of it all. Now I´m just proud of my ongoing journey towards healing and purposeful life. In this blog, I will write pieces that goes into more detail about my journey and how nature and art have brought me life and joy. Hopefully, someone will find it helpful and feel less alone in their struggle. I also want to crush some stigmas related to mental health and show people that even if you have a mental disorder, you can live a joyful and worthy life. For me, it´s not just about creating a business to sell, but it´s about offering something meaningful and valuable. I would also like to get to know you and your journey. My hope for Dreaming up North is that it will be a community where people feel respected, safe, and understood.



I will mention that I´m not a therapist or doctor, and everything I write is based on my own experiences. I don´t claim to have all the answers, and what helps for me, may not do the same for you, and that´s completely fine!


Let´s make this journey together!




Marte Charlotte

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  • ElseJuly 1, 2019 - 09:49

    Gratulerer med oppstarten av selskapet og av ei flott sida, å et knalllbra første blogg-innlegg! Du er god, å for en fantastisk jobb du gjør! ReplyCancel

    • dreamingupnorthJuly 2, 2019 - 23:15

      Tusen takk!! D betyr mye at du sei d!ReplyCancel

  • Liz ViernesJuly 1, 2019 - 20:04

    I’m so happy for the journey you’ve been on as it has brought you here. There is so much satisfaction in being able to create something beautiful and you have such a gift. I can’t wait to read more from you and get to know you better theough our Instagram connection. Hugs!!!ReplyCancel

    • dreamingupnorthJuly 2, 2019 - 23:26

      Thank you so much!! That means a lot! Me too, it´s been really nice to get to know you a little! Looking forward to connecting more 🙂  ReplyCancel